Elk is the Reason

Estes Park is one of our favorite places to visit and these guys are one of the biggest reasons why! You never know where...

Bierstadt Lake

Living only 45 min outside of Rocky Mountain National Park has so many benefits. I had never been to Bierstadt Lake before and it sure didn’t disappoint. There wasn’t much color in the sky this morning, but none the less, you can’t beat escaping to the mountains and watching that beautiful sunlight hit the mountain peaks! I highly recommend this trail. It’s only a 3.2 mile roundtrip from the Bierstadt Lake Loop Trail junction and reveals an incredible landscape to behold.

Big. Bull. Moose.

My father-in-law, Doug Rudnik and I tracked this bull moose for 8 miles! Through ponds, across plains, and into forests we went to stay on his tail. It's truly amazing how fast these creatures are.

Bear Encounters

During the Fall, Grand Teton National Park comes alive. I have encountered wildlife here like no where else. This was one special day where I encountered 8 bears in one day. I photographed a sow and two cubs when from behind a different sow with three cubs came to join the party. After spending several hrs photographing I left the area to continue exploring the park. On my way north I also spotted a grizzly bear. Seeing bears is a rare treat. To see 8 in one day was very special! I was photographing the first sow and her two cubs with another photographer. They disappeared in the forest in front of us about 100 yards away. They were gone for a total of about 5 min when we heard something behind us. The sow and her cubs had circled behind us and came out of the woods about 15 ft away. We were definitely not in a good position. We slowly backed out of there. It was one of the rare moments I was glad I had a smaller sense on my tripod. The photographer next to me was not so lucky lol.