The Artist

Matthew S. Timmermeyer

I was first inspired by photography on a routine family drive through Rocky Mountain National Park. We came across a heard of bull elk; all 26 had a full set of antlers. I remember sitting in the car as I watched my father-in-law, Doug Rudnik, out in the snow capturing their every move with his camera. It was spectacular & awe-inspiring to watch the bulls spar. It birthed within me the desire to be out there, by his side, photographing the remarkable scene with my own camera.

The following summer, I bought a camera with the simple intent of taking snapshots of backcountry adventures with my wife. Each year, our weekends are crammed with camping, backpacking & hiking trips. As I started taking pictures, something came alive in me. What started as a way to record our memories soon became something much more. Trips began to be planned entirely around photography. I started staying out longer, waking up earlier & coming home later.

My whole life, I’ve been imaginative. Whenever I’ve been in the midst of a beautiful moment, I have pictured a frame around it. The frame was a way to draw out the moment & fix all attention on it. The frame was a tool to present the world as it was. Even more so, it was a tool to present the world as I wanted it to be. It allowed me to capture emotions & expressions. The discovery of photography finally provided an outlet for my imagination

Photography is an instrument to create & imagine. My vision is to produce pictures that uphold the natural beauty of what I see with my own eyes. This vision & passion has driven & enabled me to get up long before the sun comes up to capture alpenglow on high mountain peaks, endure long hikes in inclement weather & spend hours waiting for the opportune moment to see wildlife. The entire experience of getting that “perfect shot” is both exhilarating & beautiful.



My photos are based primarily in Wyoming & Colorado. Both of these places represent home to me. I’ve lived in Colorado most of my life & Rocky Mountain National Park is a short 45-minute drive from my house. My family roots go back to Jackson, WY. In the early 1920’s, my Great Grandparents, Leonard & Maude, settled in Jackson as ranchers. They homesteaded in Jenny Lake & their land was eventually acquired as property of Grand Teton National Park. I lived there when I was young & spent summers there during my teen years. Every time I go to The Tetons, I have this unexplainable feeling of “home.”

I shoot what I know & love. Photography has to have a starting point & it’s often what is closest to one’s heart. I am eagerly seeking new places & opportunities for growth. As the years progress, I will look forward to growing & seeing the world in an ever-changing manner. As my world changes, I have no doubt my photography will also change.